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Mixed Media

Much of my work reflects the joy of being outside in the natural world and I often incorporate designs I have seen on my travels around the world. I generally try to create a feeling rather than an exact image of what is happening in the piece. I love texture and color and am fascinated with body language and try to use very simple gestures to portray feelings. Also asthetics are important to me and I have become more interested in design, however, nothing I do is exact and there is no wrong way to interpret my work.


In most of my work I like to incorporate pieces of paper from the different earrings themes I have made. I generally have scraps of the paper left over after I've cut the earrings out and  keep those scraps in a big envelope to use in my larger paintings. I also like to use the resin in some cases to highlight or bring a shine or a relief to the piece. I may also use beads or fabric .

Flag of the Synapse2021_Thumbnail
Medallions in the Moss
Playing on the Wind
Earth Meets Sky
Hidden Treasures
Wild & Free Sunset
Defferent But The Same
Wild & Free At Night
Wild & Free Horizontal
Left In The Mud
Wild & Free Virtical Dance
The Bear Was There
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